Can you imagine anything better than playing roulette? No? Because of a lucky ball, every human undoubtedly desires to give it a shot and become a millionaire just by one spin. However, having been a fan-favourite for centuries, roulette has got several casino traditions: European, American, French and even Double Ball – the first ones are oldies but goldies in the gaming world. Wishing to clarify American and European roulette difference? You’ve come to the right article!

Casino wheels and their continental attributes

American and European roulette difference

At first sight, these roulette games seem to be indistinguishable from each other: as a ball lands, you will never look away from its trajectory. Nevertheless, taking a seat at any wheel table you will be impressed: although American roulette is based on the original European rules, their circles have almost no similarities!

Know your wheel!

Check out the American and European difference list and discover how unique a life-changing wheel can be!

  1. The main American and European roulette difference lies in zero pockets: while authentic french traditions keep a single zero wheel, American game contains usual 0 and innovative 00 spaces.
  2. As far as American version has an extra green pocket, a total amount of numbers to bet on is 38. Don’t confuse them with European 37! This feature ensures individual betting opportunities for each game: whereas EU Basket covers only 4 numbers, American – 5.
  3. One more tiny American European roulette difference – the cipher order. If you are a passionate about European roulette (or American one), the first casino session at a counterpart table will bring you maximum thrills. Just imagine: all numbers seem to be familiar, but at the same spinning time you aren’t able to predict on what exact pocket a ball lands.

Once you are familiar with these circling essentials, explore some more distinctions.

When location determines edge

If you win fantastic prizes playing American roulette – it’s not a cast iron guarantee of grabbing stacks of cash. Get prepared to lose a dreadfully great part – 5.26% – of your winnings. It is a constant casino advantage on absolutely all-American roulette bets. European roulette offers pleasant 2.7% commission instead. Anyway, if you enjoy wheel entertainment in free mode – this American roulette and European roulette difference is insignificant.

Different wheels – different odds

How many zeros do you prefer? 0 or 00? Actually, who is counting? But wait – there is something crucial – a roulette type can change your outcome! If you still don’t know what is the most rewarding roulette variation – it’s time to get aware of American and European roulette difference in odds.

Thanks to a single zero composition, overall European roulette chips-to-grab probability is a bit higher than it is offered in the American game – just calculate American and European roulette difference percentages!

These outside bets have 48.65% possibility in EU and US – 47.37%.

  • Black/Red
  • Even/Odd
  • Low/High

Other out wagers (Dozen and Column) occur in 24.3 EU times out of 100 and in 23.7 American times.

Individual bets

  • Straight up – 2.7% EU – 2.6% US
  • Split – 5.4% EU – 5.3% US
  • Street – 8.1% EU – 7.9% US
  • Corner – 10.8% EU – 10.5% US
  • Basket – 10.8% EU – 13.2% US
  • Line – 16.2 % EU – 15.8% US

Payouts for bets stay the same.

So, if you are focused on squeezing out maximal rewards – European roulette will win your heart. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced roulette devotee, whose aim is new Vegas immersions – try luck in American version. The less possible are wins, the more evocative is suspense and the sweeter are prizes.