Roulette odds

European roulette is undoubtedly the most evocative entertainment in a gaming realm. As far as the frolic doesn’t involve who-knows-how shuffled cards, roulette is a pure chance to change your life forever. But wait: if you’re a casino newcomer, dreaming of bankrollers to be in your pockets, knowledge of european roulette odds and basic rules is a must.

Encrypting a wheel

Who doesn’t know a usual bet-and-spin-to-win flow? Thanks to a flying ball and one numbered circle you will have it easy to shed light on roulette performances from the first round. However, taking a seat at a table you will definitely become mad: there are more than 15 european roulette odds to choose! What’s more, each of them has its own unique payout! Seriously, odds in european roulette are the crucial factor for impressive wins: one bet can turn your investments into a few extra coins while others – in fabulous cash. Intrigued?

Outside bets

Let’s start from the simplest group of bets – Outside. Why are they called so? Outside wagers are made on large groups (more than 12) of numbers and, therefore, they are located out of 0-36 units – as additional categories on a table layout.

  1. Odd|Even – Odd includes 1,3,5,7…35 and, on the contrary, Even is 2,4,6,8…36.
  2. Red|Black – choose a Color of unit on which a ball will probably land.
  3. Low|High – Low bet covers the first half of a wheel (1-18), High – the second (19-36).
  4. Column – a bet features a whole vertical line on a betting table out of three ones.
  5. Dozens – the option allows players to wager on a wheel-optimized dozen (1-12, 13-24, 35-36).

Additionally, outs can be intuitively detected on a roulette circle.

Inside bets

On the contrary, inside wagers are used only for small groups of ciphers . Chips for these bets are accurately placed on preferred units.

  1. Straight up – a strong belief in one particular number.
  2. Split – invest in two adjacent numbers.
  3. Street – is a choice of three ciphers, which are located in one horizontal line.
  4. Corner (a quarter bet) – if you prefer 4 digits, which can be joined all together by your stake at the center.
  5. Basket – 0, 1, 2, 3.
  6. Six Line – two adjoining horizontal rows.

Ready to try luck? Then… Take advantage of every possible option!

Find your odd

To navigate your way to fantastic awards, we created a unique european roulette odds chart. Check it out!

The most lucrative

If you love breathtaking suspense – the bets below will be your perfect match! The less spaces a wager includes, the lower are european roulette odds and the better are rewards!

  • Straight Up – 2.7%. It offers unbelievable 35:1 prizes.
  • Split – 5.4%. Awesome 17:1 are waiting for a ball-fall.
  • Street – 8.1%. Meet luring 11:1!
  • Corner – 10.8% . 8:1 is cool enough, isn’t it?
  • Basket – all the same promising 8:1.
  • Line – 16.2% or 5:1. As far as it contains 6 numbers, it’s the most probable in-bet with a great european roulette odds outcomes.

Striving to win any time of the day and night? Pay attention to outsides!

The most anticipated

Get amazed by a huge 48.65% on almost all group winnings.

  • Odd|Even – 1:1
  • Red|Black – 1:1
  • Low|High – 1:1

What about other out-chances?

Columns and Dozens also have quite promising positions – 24.35 % and bring a bit more appealing rewards – 2:1.

Nevertheless, don’t let statistics run your Fortune. Despite this european roulette wheel odds rating, don’t base your roulette strategy only on winning probabilities – trust your intuition and dare to make stakes on Straight ups or Splits – untold riches are near.