European Roulette Strategy: Useful Tips And Red/Black Betting

The saying is that the only winning roulette strategy is avoiding the casino altogether. But a player with less categorical opinions can find ways to have both fun and profits at the roulette table. In addition to general tips that can help you win, let’s have a look at the popular red/black European roulette strategy and different betting progressions you can use in online casino Australia legal real money.

Winning Tips For European Roulette Players

While the European variety of roulette is the most beneficial in terms of rules, the player advantages still aren’t guaranteed.

  1. Be aware of the house edge. You have greater chances to win at a European roulette wheel (2.7%) than at the American roulette iteration (5.26%) that introduces the additional 00 sector.
  2. Sucker bets are bets that offer the highest payouts and the highest chances of losing, such as a straight (single-number) bet. They’re not the best European roulette strategy because you have to overcome the odds of up to 38:1 to win.
  3. There are no fool-proof winning systems. The roulette gameplay is completely random. Past results do not affect what you get in the future, so it’s impossible to base your strategy on predicting the probability.
  4. Avoid committing to a single bet. Try choosing a simple bet with good odds (such as red/black) and backing it up with another wager (such as a column bet).

Remember that the roulette game is all about the bets rather than the spins, as the latter are entirely random.

Red/Black European Roulette Strategy For Easy Wins

European Roulette Strategy

Among new players, the red/black online European roulette strategy is one of the most popular betting choices with even odds. It is common to just pick one of the two colors and keep wagering on it until you win. However, there are several popular systems to help you organize your bets and manage your chips.

Red/Black Betting Systems

While wins are never certain, a clear betting strategy can cut your losses and stretch your bankroll.

  • Martingale. Every time you lose, you double your bet. Every time you win, you revert your wager to the initial level. This is a high-risk European roulette online strategy. Even with the excellent odds of a red/black bet, your wagers can get out of hand in case of a losing streak.
  • Reverse Martingale creates a positive progression of wagers. The player raises the stake when his red/black bet wins and decreases it upon losing.
  • D’Alembert is a much safer approach to the red/black European roulette strategy. When you face a loss, you increase your wager – but only by a single chip. When you win, you lower your stake by one chip.

The D’Alembert betting system with a negative progression is generally the best one for the average player that chooses to bet on red/black. It is a basic, easy-to-apply progression that allows you to stretch your bankroll and stay at the table for a long while, enjoying the game of chance.

The Odds With The Red/Black European Roulette Strategy

As you know, a European roulette wheel consists of a green zero sector, 18 red sectors, and 18 black sectors. The casino advantage largely comes from the “unwanted” zero sector.

When the wheel is spun, the chances that the ball lands in a red pocket amount to 48.64%. The black color has the same probability. However, this doesn’t mean the spin results will alternate between red and black in any predictable way, which makes it impossible to develop a European roulette strategy with guaranteed wins. The longest recorded streak of the same color was 32 red sectors in a row.