European roulette tricks

What game can be more captivating than classic European roulette? Actually, roulette is like no other casino entertainment: thanks to cards absence, the ball game appeals to millions of gamers across the globe. Playing this out of this world favourite is very energizing but playing it at any luxurious casino table with strong european roulette tricks enhancement is much better! Agree?

Upgrading roulette skills

If yes, check out the ultimate 2020 European roulette guide. We know how to take the most out of single zero numbered circles.

Beginner-friendly outlines

If you want all your roulette desires will come alive – never ever forget about these basic European roulette tricks to win.

  1. Learn the whole range of betting EU roulette possibilities.
  2. Know your odds. The odds percentages can impress anyone: from surefire 48.67% to surprising 2.7% with head turning 35:1 payouts.
  3. Trust your Fortune. If, occasionally, you wanted to choose a Straight up but didn’t listen to yourself and then a preferred number became a natural win – just imagine how rich you could have been!

Searching for something special? Let us impress you!

Martingale Focus

Whether Martingale betting magic really helps to play, chill and collect prizes or not – this casino focus is one of the most popular European roulette tricks among gamers. The basic idea of this theory lies in a choice of the only one outside bet and constant stakes doubling. For instance, if you choose Red bet and lose during the first round – just double your investments for the second spin so that one lucky minute you will not only return previous funds but get X2 times more! As you do so, you will be able to collect lots of bankrolls at the shortest notice!

Roulette tricks: online level

Are you brave enough to dive into European roulette at any online casino? Or… Are you ready to compete against smart number generators and do your best to foresee a number on which a ball will land? To make your winning chances boosting – discover our top secret tips on the circling virtual game: these European roulette tricks can bring you endless joy. Intrigued? Let’s try them out!

  • If you are looking for a surefire way to grab prizes every roulette round you play – choose outside bets. Red and Black, Even or Odd, Low vs. High have an amazing 48.65% winning probability. If Lady Luck is on your side, you will be able to run undefeatable streaks forever. Yeah, these wagers provide minimal rewards, but even money is much better than absolute nothing, right?
  • On the contrary, don’t build your strategy on even money wagers. One risky online casino european roulette trick is a must here! Why? Remind yourself: even if you make 100 stakes on half rewarding bets – one session the roulette RTP algorithms will make you lose your own 3 coins (or 2.7%). Therefore, try your luck with the most profitable options such as Straight ups, Splits and Streets.
  • Try a well-known 13 numbers trick! All you should do is to choose 13 random ciphers on a wheel with equal distances between each other. In other words, place your bet on every third number. As far as RNG can land a ball literally on any place on a wheel, you can come closely near to win.
  • Meet the best play ever: before you start playing for mega win – test any European roulette tricks in a free mode. Otherwise, you won’t feel a roulette spirit and you will definitely lose all bankrolls in a blink.

As you use at least two or three mentioned hints, you will be instantly rewarded with hours of non-stop action, deep thrills and lots of chips to cash them out. Don’t wait any longer – spin a wheel right now! Catch your life changing moment!