European Roulette Wheel – Guess Your Lucky Numbers

European Roulette is the classic game that became the symbol of the gambling industry. This is one of the best online table real money games providing greater winning odds to the player. This variation features only one zero reducing the house advantage. The player has more chances to guess the winning number as the wheel has just 37 pockets. This review aims to tell about European Roulette winning odds and European roulette wheel based bets for the users who want to know how many numbers to choose for betting.

Winning odds for the European Roulette

The result of this game depends on the wheel spinning. It is impossible to predict the outcome of this random game but still, some tips can help you win.

  • Remember that European Roulette can be different at various casino websites. The variations may differ in graphics, betting limits, field location, table layout, and payouts for different bets. Choose the variation which is most familiar to you.
  • Try to understand the basics of this game. Think over each spin before you place any bet. Every bet may cover several number pockets of the European roulette wheel and feature the specific winning odds.
  • Practice for free european roulette before you play with your own financial investments.
  • Always brush up your strategy. Never get upset if you lose.
  • Use the tools such as the roulette diagram. It can help you find out your chances of winning in any situation and polish your best roulette strategy. The user should just think of the bet size and the necessary outcome.
European Roulette Wheel

On the whole, there are some tools such as a roulette diagram that can increase the roulette odds. Work out the best game plan that can help you get a good experience and make the casino wheel bring good luck to you.

The European Roulette Wheel Based Bets

There are various European Roulette wheel based bets types which are equal to different numbers of chips. Analyze the situation and choose the most appropriate bet amount to increase the Roulette odds.

  • Straight bets are made on 1 number.
  • Split bets are made on 2 neighboring numbers.
  • Street bets are made on 3 numbers.
  • Corner bets are made on 4 numbers.
  • Six Line bets are made on 6 numbers.
  • Columns cover 1of the 3 columns on the roulette table layout.
  • Dozens cover sets of 12 consecutive numbers.
  • Trio cover three numbers.
  • Odd/Even bets cover the odd or even numbers.

Keep in mind that the bet type can’t influence the results of the game directly. But still, analyze the outcome probability, success percentage, and expected return to figure out the next move and choose the best bet. The results of this analysis will help you win the game.