Free European Roulette: Great Chance To Learn Gameplay And Bets Without Losing Money

European roulette is a popular casino game where luck decides your fate. It consists of a small ball and a spinning wheel with 37 numbered sectors. Thanks to RNG-based gambling software, this kind of entertainment gained a rock-solid foothold in online casinos. Here you can play both real money and free European roulette, depending on whether your goal is scoring lavish wins or just having a fun time.

Practice For Big Wins In Free European Roulette Games

Don’t want to clutter your internal storage with games? Play European roulette online, with no need to download anything! Your roulette game will run smoothly not only on PC, but on mobile devices as well because most web casinos employ high-quality gambling software with superb mobile optimization.

How To Play A Free European Roulette Game

Got no previous experience of playing roulette in a physical casino or online? Here’s a very simple step-by-step instruction.

  1. Choose a free European roulette game in the casino’s catalog. You’ll see two options named to the tune of “Play For Free” and “Play For Real Money”. Hit the former button and the game will launch in free play mode.
  2. Select your betting chips. You’ll have around 1000-2000 virtual credits at your disposal. The chips usually range from 0.1 to 100 credits.
  3. Put the chips you’re wagering on the table, making an inside or outside bet.
  4. Press the large “Spin” button for the wheel to move.
  5. Wait for the game’s RNG to generate the outcome of your spin.
Free European Roulette

When your bet predicts the outcome correctly, you win virtual credits. If you hit a losing streak, you can simply replenish your credits by pressing the corresponding button.

Betting Table And Essential Roulette Bets

The betting table in real money or free European roulette consists of two distinct sections, inner and outer.

The outside table is the green cells containing bets on groupings of numbers: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dozens, high/low, even/odd, red/black, the three columns marked as “2 to 1”, and Zero.

The inner table has the numbers 1-36, in the colors that correspond to the roulette wheel. The simplest inside bets are:

  • Straight Up – a single number;
  • Split – a couple of adjacent numbers;
  • Street – a line of three numbers;
  • Square – 4 numbers.

The fewer number you bet on, the higher your payout will be.

Pros Of Playing Free European Roulette Online On PC/Mobile

Let’s sum up the strong points of free European roulette played for fun rather than real money:

  1. Zero financial risks, as you don’t have to deposit before trying out a roulette game.
  2. You get familiar with the gameplay and learn the types of bets in practice.
  3. Playing European roulette online free of charge, you can try out various strategic approaches to see how well they work.
  4. Your playtime and bets aren’t limited by a budget, as you can replenish the credits with a single button press.

Have fun with free European roulette in simulator mode at online casinos, accessing them from PC or mobile devices. One of the few downsides of free play is, the game selection may be limited compared to the real money roulette.