The rules of the French roulette are almost identical to the rules of the European, moreover, the French roulette originated from the European. The main and only difference between these two types of game is that when “zero” falls out in French, only half of the bet on the odds is lost. The other half is returned to the player (in the case of playing online) or remains on the table (if the player is in a real institution). At the same time, the house edge is reduced to 1.35% if the bet was made on the odds.

French roulette features

The table in French roulette is quite large, larger than in American (of course, we are talking about playing in a real club). There are 37 cells in total on the wheel: 36 are numbered and one “zero” cell, while in the same American roulette there are two “zero” cells. The numbers on the wheel are in random order.

The playing field is also divided into 36 cells plus the “zero” sector. Players can place bets on number, color, row, dozen, sector, even / odd. According to the rules of French Roulette , there are ten different betting options, each of which has its own ratio of investment and winnings. So, it will be most profitable to bet on one number, in which case the winnings will be 35 times greater than the size of the bet. However, how often can you guess exactly this cherished number?

Experienced players use various systems to play roulette; many books and articles have been written on this topic. We considered some of them earlier, in the article “Roulette Strategy”. Each player can choose the most suitable game strategy for him.

Online Roulette at the Game

You can play roulette demo for free at any convenient time in different casinos. You can try all the strategies of the game without fear of losing – after all, you will not spend a penny! The game is played on a special game currency FUN, which is credited to each player regardless of whether he is registered or not.