The origin of roulette dates back to three centuries ago. At first, it was a game only for the elite, yet now anyone who knows the basic rules can launch the game online. Moreover, online casinos give gamblers the chance to try out the game for free as much as they wish! This means you can try any strategy you learn about for free at first, and only then risk real cash.

Anyway, but first you must learn how to play the game.

Playing Roulette and Winning Constantly – Possible or Not?

There’s absolutely no foolproof way that will answer your question as “how to play roulette and win all the time”. However, we’ll go through the most recommended strategies suggested by experienced roulette gamblers.

The Martingale Strategy

This system is based on the principle “I have to win sooner or later”. Using it, you are to keep your bet on the same color/number (even or odd) and double your bet every time you lose. And once you win, you recoup your loss and place the bet on the opposite color/number. This seems logical and perfect unless you remember about the maxim wager. So, you may either have a bad streak of six, seven, or even eight (depending on the casino) and lose all your bets or win recouping your loss and having extra. Does this strategy explain how to play roulette to only win?

The Paroli Strategy

This is quite a positive betting system and much safer than the Martingale. Here you must increase the bet after a win and keep on increasing it as you go on winning. But remember to increase little by little and double like in the case of the Martingale. If you lose the bet, you go to your original bet.

The Fibonacci System

This roulette playing strategy is based on the Fibonacci numbers. This is a sequence of numbers where every number is the sum of the preceding two numbers starting with 1. So, once you know how to play roulette and want to try out this system, start with whatever bet you make and follow the sequence. To use it, you must only make even-money bets which are Black/Red, Odd/Even, and all other bets with a roughly 50% winning chance. Every time you lose, increase the wager according to the sequence. Once won, go back to two places in the sequence.

Which system to choose depends on your bankroll and risking level. If you love to play hard and win hard, the Martingale and the Fibonacci are the best variants. And if you want to step more slowly but steadily, opt for the Paroli Strategy.

How to Play American and European Roulette

We shall explain how to play roulette, yet first, let’s clear out the differences between American and European roulette games. The basic difference between the two variants is the number of zeroes or so-called green pockets. In American roulette, we have two zeroes – 0, 00. Meanwhile, the European variant offers a single zero. Based on this difference, the odds of winning differ, too with 1/38 and 1/37 for American and European variants respectively. The types of the bets for both are as follows:

  • Straight up;
  • Split bet;
  • Street bet;
  • Corner;
  • The Five bet;
  • The Line bet;
  • Column bet;
  • Dozens bet;
  • Odd/Even;
  • High/Low;
  • Red/Black.

Now let’s see how to play roulette at casino whether European or American. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Place your bet on the spot on the roulette table you feel will win;
  2. Bets are made before the dealer will close the session of betting;
  3. Only the dealer can touch the chips of the player who has lost and pay to the one who has won;
  4. Don’t touch the marker of the winning number while the playing session is on.

In fact, playing roulette is all about making bets. Hence, concentrate on that rather than searching for playing rules.