How to win European roulette

Thanks to high levels of luck involvement, European roulette stays the most popular casino entertainment over the world. Nowadays the frolic gathers crowds around tables with roulette wheels: millions of gamers do their best to bet on the right numbers. However, while someone is looking for luxurious experience and memorable thrills, others, being on fire and querying how to win European roulette, seek for the secret winning formula. Get ready: we’ve got a full list of its fortunate ingredients, which will turn your life into a movie.

EU roulette for first-timers

Get a glimpse of the best hints on how to win European roulette every time of the day and night.

  1. Explore all possible betting options.
  2. Get aware of EU odds range (winning probabilities and payouts as well). Some bets can amaze with up to 48.7 probability, other – with fabulous up to 35:1 payouts. What will you choose?
  3. Find a game with stake levels you will be comfortable with. For instance, soft roulettes offer the lowest bet minimum, while live dealer games are played from 5-10 to 2000 dollars wagers.
  4. If you are not experienced enough, start playing any free European roulette version.
  5. Don’t get carried away. If you spend more than planned – your wallet will be frustrated.
  6. Be brave to stop playing any moment. Avoid getting into bad runs.

So, walking through this helpful info you will definitely leave how to win in european roulette islands and get direction towards the circle winners’ land.

Extra chances for seasoned players

If you have already got a taste of roulette and if – by any chance – you haven’t searched for mathematically proved roulette theorems yet – we prepared something fantastic for everyone! Advanced strategies for eu roulette devotees are here!

Martingale paradox

Need loss-proof strategy? It is time for Martingale’s method.

  • The key idea of “how to win European roulette with Martingale” is keeping a chosen wager option always the same and doubling an invested sum when a previous game ended up with a total loss. According to this strategy, it is believed that the next session will deliver X2 coins. In other words, x2, x4 or x8 bets are not only returning all loses, but bring pleasant chips too.
  • However, if you are oriented only on outside roulette bets – it’s just a waste of money. Because of the 3% casino advantage, group wagers with the highest rewarding possibilities don’t pay even money. So, you will definitely lose 3 stakes out of 100 spins. Inside options offer breathtaking up to 35 riches instead.
  • But wait: in spite of all these boosting opportunities, the one and only surefire European roulette strategy to win is to trust your seventh sense. Who knows on which exact number a ball will land just in 2 minutes from now?

Thus, don’t ask how to win European roulette any more: the best way to grab roulette treasures is to keep total peace of mind, relax, immerse into a wheel and… spin it! All desires will come alive no matter what.